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How to Start Living Greener – A Guest Post by Sarah Kearns

How to Start Living Greener A Guest Post by Sarah Kearns Climate change and global warming are hot topics right now, in part because of the serious implications. While politicians and world leaders argue over who is responsible and how it should be handled, many people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress… Read More How to Start Living Greener – A Guest Post by Sarah Kearns


My Evening Skin Care Routine

Following on from my morning skin care routine, found here, this is my current evening skin care routine.  There are still plenty of non-organic products to be found, which I will specify below. Blue Products are Cruelty Free but NOT Organic Green Products are Cruelty Free and Organic I won’t list all the non-organic ingredients… Read More My Evening Skin Care Routine


Mask Madness

Since starting my skin care journey I have become quite addicted to using masks.  Clay masks, sheet masks, peel masks, any type of mask.  Here is a run down of what I have at the moment. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: (NOT Cruelty Free, NOT Organic) AUD$37 Leave it on overnight and your skin… Read More Mask Madness


No Meat Everyday

I have decided to give the vegetarian lifestyle a go.  I pretty much lead a vegetarian lifestyle now as my husband has been vegetarian since he was a teenager. So it’s not like I’m cooking up a big steak for us every night as it is! So to honour this somewhat grand occasion I will… Read More No Meat Everyday


Deserted Island Makeup

These are my current deserted island/ride or die/everyday make up routine items.  I am happy with the results of all these products but know that they are not organic and will not be repurchasing. So lets start with the face.. Primer: E.L.F. Cosmetics Tone Adjusting Face Primer – Love the price.  A thick formula that… Read More Deserted Island Makeup