Hi there!  My name is Leah, pleased to meet you!  I am a mumma of 2 wonderful little lads that live in sunny Brisbane, Australia with my husband.skin and satori

As you can tell from the name, skin & satori as a brand has two distinct paths that it is travelling.

Skin is about bringing you all natural, cruelty free skincare that is lovingly handmade using gifts that Mother Earth has provided us.

Satori (a Buddhist term for sudden enlightenment) is giving you the tools you need to lead a greener, cleaner, simpler life.

So combine them and you have a brand that is dedicated to helping you achieve your own all natural, low waste lifestyles.


My brand has and always will be a journey to enlightenment (novice Buddhist here!).  For each of us I think that path to enlightenment is always travelled just a little differently.  No two paths can ever be the same but I believe the destination should be the same.  And I believe that destination is a world which is free from tyranny to both man and animal.  We need a world where people respect each other and the planet on which they live.

I started this brand in the hopes of, in my own small way, helping myself and others reach this destination by educating and inspiring others to adapt a sustainable, simpler way of living.  I hope I inspire you too.


Love & Light,