Hi there!  My name is Leah, pleased to meet you!  I am a mumma of 2 wonderful little lads that live in sunny Brisbane, Australia with my husband.skin and satori

I have made the decision to lead a wholly organic and cruelty-free life for myself and my family.  It is going to be a long process because for my whole life I have not paid the slightest attention to what I am putting on my body or using in my everyday life.  It is going to be a completely different way of life for me and it’s a journey I plan to share with you all and hopefully you can pick up some information that you can use in your own lives.

The other big change I am making to my life is that I am becoming a Buddhist.  Buddhism is a way of life that has always appealed to me because I feel that as a Buddhist it is about becoming the best possible version of yourself.  Through meditation and mindfulness, I hope to part company with my lifelong battle with depression and tame my mind to let go of suffering and embrace happiness, compassion and peace.

So I invite you, dear reader, to follow me on my journey of enlightenment for the skin and soul and see where it takes me.

Love & Light,







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