Tips for getting good skin at Home – by Jack Feakes

Tips for getting good skin at Home

A Guest Post by Jack Feakes

In the whole world, every woman wants to have the perfect look and a beautiful personality as she needs to look better than everyone around her. For this, the human skin plays an important role. Healthy skin helps you in looking beautiful and attractive. If your skin is not healthy then you need to dig deeper as there may be a few reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, pollution, alcohol consumption and smoking ruining the health of your skin. You can find many skin care products on the market that give assurance to give you a beautiful and glowing skin. Quite a few products actually work and while some may cause a negative effect on your skin. However, if you use home remedies for getting good skin at home then you need not worry about getting a negative effect on your skin. Here is a list of some home remedies to get good and glowing skin:

Use Lemon for Clear Skin

By applying lemon on the skin and using it in the diet, you can get good and clear skin. Since lemon contains citric acid, citric acid helps your skin to become clear by removing dead cells. It has also vitamin C and it helps to remove the dark spots from your skin which may have formed due to lack of sleep and stress.


Getting good skin at home

How to apply Lemon on your face?

You need to take a lemon and cut it. After that take one-half of the lemon and rub it directly on your face. Do this activity for 4 minutes to 5 minutes. Wash your face with water.

You can also use raw honey and lemon mixture. For this squeeze half lemon and mix two spoons of raw honey in it. Apply it on your face and wash it after 15 to 20 minutes. Definitely, you can get good results.

Honey is also a great home remedy

If you are using home remedies for skin before then you must have definitely heard that honey is very good for getting clear skin and it is very true. If you want a good and clear skin then you should provide a good moisturizer for your skin. For this honey is a great option because it is a great moisturizer. You have to apply honey on to your face and leave it. Wash it with water when it becomes dry. It is also very helpful in preventing skin infections.


getting good skin at home

Use Turmeric for getting a Glowing skin

Turmeric is a great option for you. It is a very good antiseptic and contains ingredients that help your skin to prevent scars. It also minimizes the chances of skin infections that make your skin dull.

For this take one or two spoons of Turmeric and mix it with water. After applying it on your face leave it for five minutes. Wash your face with cold water. You should try this remedy for two or three weeks and you can see good results after that.



Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a very good home remedy for getting a clear skin. It balances the PH level of our skin which is the important factor for our skin. Our skin PH level is normally 5.5. Baking Soda has anti-inflammatory properties which make it very useful for skin and it also fights skin problems like pimples, acne and dark spots.

Mix one spoon of baking soda with one spoon of water and make a paste. Use this on your face and when it became dry wash it with water. This surely benefits to your skin and you can get beautiful and glowing skin.


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getting good skin at home


Author Bio: Jack loves to write about skin care and skin care products that can uplift the personality of a human being. As most people say that health is wealth, Jack also has the same thinking and is a profound advocate of organic products. Jack has been working and writing about health care and organic products to spread awareness among people. Jack has also been promoting skinb5 products over the past few years from Australia.

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