Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free Father’s Day Gifts

The first weekend in September is Father’s Day here in Australia.  If you, like me, are looking for an eco-friendly and/or cruelty-free gift for dear old dad then here is my list to help you on your quest.

father's day gifts


  1. WeWood Watch

    They are made from 100% natural wood and use state-of-the-art Miyota movements resulting in a unique watch that’s handsome, earth-friendly, and splash-proof. Made from 100% recycled and reclaimed African Blackwood and made without artificial or toxic material.  Designed in Italy by an environmentally conscious business.  WeWood plants one tree for each timepiece sold through American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program.

  2. Keep Cup

    The same medium KeepCup you know and love, designed for everyday use. This special edition is subtle, but identifiable to all those in the galaxy who know the ways of the force. Lead the positive change from discard to reuse with KeepCup, an easy to use, a clever alternative to disposable coffee cups. Save trees and reduce landfill, CO2 and energy output with your Star Wars themed KeepCup.  Biome Eco Stores have a huge range of reusable coffee cups if your dad is not a Star Wars fan. *cough* weirdo *cough*

  3. Safety Razor

    Avoid disposable plastic razors entirely with this fancy looking safety razor which use disposable stainless steel razor blades.  A much better alternative for your dad and the environment. Also, in the long run, a safety razor is a cheaper option than disposable razors.  Once you have bought the handle, which can cost anywhere from AUD$20 up to AUD$150, you then only need to replace the blades which cost a few cents each blade.  If you take good care of the handle it will last 10 years or more.

  4. Organic Skincare

    Dad has skin too and what better way to look after it than with organic/cruelty-free skin care.  Maybe he deserves a long hot soak in the bath to soothe his sore, tired muscles; try my Lavender & Calendula Bath Salts.  Maybe he is need of some new soap – try this tradie soap bar to get rid of grease, dirt and grime after a hard day at work.  Or you could get him some all natural cologne

  5. A memorable day out!

    Maybe your dad isn’t into cluttering up his life with more possessions so get him a day to remember instead.  Buy him some surfing lessons, 18 holes of golf with his friends, a lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant, go for a hike, bungy jumping..!  The options are endless, just make sure it is something that will leave him with fond memories.

  6. Organic Alcohol

    Yes I know I have dissuaded you from the idea of organic farming in preference for growing your own fruits and vegetables.  But for those of you who can not make your own alcohol then I believe that buying organic alcohol is the way to go!  Organic alcohol must use production methods without residues that can potentially pollute the air, soil, and water. This means that organic alcohol is produced from products free of pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals that, when ingested frequently, can potentially increase the risk of cancer other health risks.  There is a growing range of organic wines, spirits and beers available at your local liquor store!

  7. Organic Cotton Socks and Jocks

    Boody Australia use organically grown bamboo in all their products which is super soft, breathable and moisture-wicking, antibacterial and anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic.  Their underwear and socks are sleek and super comfy and can easily look after dad throughout his work day, rest day, any day you please.

  8. Vegan Leather Wallet

    Instead of animal-based leather, Brave GentleMan uses Italian-milled “future-leather” which is a high-tech, EU Ecolabel Certified, PU-based microfiber. PU is made in a strictly controlled and regulated chemical process, during which only a few grams per ton of chemical is ever released into the environment. The final polyurethane polymer is chemically inert, and therefore harmless. PU is also biodegradable by way of fungus found in landfill and soil.  It’s definitely, a more expensive option but it’s worth the peace of mind that only eco-friendly, cruelty-free products can bring.


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What do you think of my eco-friendly, cruelty-free Father’s Day gifts?  Leave a comment below!



Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and that means I earn some commission if you purchase through my links. I only recommend products that I like and feel that you would find useful.

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One thought on “Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free Father’s Day Gifts

  1. If I where to choose Id go with safety razor or a memorable day out.

    The safety razor is going to be the best choice for my father-in-law because he was collecting razors. His safety razor and cut throat razor collection can be dated back to his grandfather’s time who worked as a barber during the WWW2 if im not mistaken.

    A memorable day out is also a good option to strengthen our bond as family or just to chill and de-stress

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