My Skin Care Wishlist – Organic & Cruelty-Free Only!

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I know I have a skin care addiction and that I can make my own skin care.  But my one vice is that I love trying and buying new skin care!  I still have a lot of skin care that are still non-organic and cruelty-free.. I hate to waste them so I have to use them up.  As I get through what I already have I plan on replacing my current buys with organic and cruelty-free only products.  So I have a skin care wishlist that I want to share and maybe you will see something you want to try too!

skin care wishlist
My little basket of skin care goodies

My Skin Care Wishlist

Cleansing Balm by Miodskin care wishlist

I have already tried their Balancing Face Oil and I LOVE it so I am keen to give more products by Miod a go.  I have been after a cleansing balm for a while now and this one looks delightful.  The combination of beeswax and plant oils creates a rich moisturising balm which will hydrate your skin while it is cleansed.  The ingredients work with your skin’s natural oils to gently clean and refresh.   This is a non-foaming organic natural cleanser, with a consistency thicker than the cleansing gel.  It will leave your skin feeling soft and supple, you may not even have to moisturise after cleansing.  Also great as a gentle make up remover.  Suitable for all skin types. AUD$42.00 for 100mL

skin care wishlistRose Night Serum by Lhami

This night serum sounds decadent!  Your skin will love this luxurious velvety serum, with the delicate aroma of pure organic rose oil. Perfect to soften and smooth any skin type. Use after cleansing and misting with the Hydrating Mist. Gorgeous mixed with any of the Lhami face oils, or under the face cream or lotion.  I like the sound of this company, the owner creates most of the Lhami products from their property in NSW’s beautiful central coast.  AUD$44.95 for 50mL

And their explanation on why to use organic products:

Indigenous people worked out over thousands of years that the earth is what sustains us, and that we have to respect and care for it for our own survival.  Somehow this essential wisdom seems to have been pushed aside in the manic consumerism that is driving the world today, where the earth is seen as a resource to be plundered with no concern for the consequences.


French Clay Face Mask by Lhamiskin care wishlist

You can never have too many face masks!!  Pure mineral rich French Clay.  Can be used weekly.  Soothes the skin, leaving it soft, glowing and refreshed. For all skin types.  AUD$19.95 for 15g


Calendula Balm by Lhamiskin care wishlist

I was just clicking around their website and they had so many products that I wanted to try!  Perfect to soothe and prevent dry skin & cracked heels.  Can also be used as a barrier cream for babies at change time.  Contains a synergistic blend of certified organic plant oils, rosehip, Calendula, lavender & chamomile.  Calendula has traditionally been used for all types of skin complaints, from itches, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites…you name it!  A true healing herb.  AUD$24.95 for 60mL


skin care wishlistWoohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste

I have tried and found a couple of really good all natural deodorants that actually work, but I am always keen to try more.  And this one is award-winning with great reviews!  Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant does the hard work of keeping you healthy, fresh and B.O free, so you can focus on moving your body in ways that make you feel freaking amazing.  Happy Skincare makes products that are uncomplicated but make a big difference to your skin.  AUD$17.95 for 70g

As they say on their website:

Nature has done so much of the hard work for us, and with some care and cleverness we have been able to create a whole range of clean, simple and 100% natural skin care products that are gaining a bit of a cult following.


skin care wishlistROSE : Organic Rose Water + Witch Hazel Toner Mist by Coast Sydney Botanicals 

I discovered this brand on Instagram, I replied to a post in which they asked a few people to test out their new face oils.  I tried them and I LOVED them, so I want to try more of their products!  Rose iѕ a face toner mist, соntаining natural botanical based active ingredient made up of  Witch Hazel  in a base of Organic Rose Otto Waters.  This is an alcohol free formula, which means that it is not drying on your skin. This is a gentle toner that will keep your skin hydrated, smooth and glowing.  AUD$28.00 for 50mL


skin care wishlistFRESH WATERS, Renew Fасе Serum Oil by Coast Sydney Botanicals

This was one of the samples they sent me and this was an absolute winner.  Fresh Waters iѕ a highly concentrated ѕkin renewing serum, соntаining natural botanical based active ingredients likе Rosehip Seed CO2, Seabuckthorn CO2 аnd a beauty blend оf Rose Geranium, Carrot Seed oil аnd Immortelle oil. Thiѕ serum absorbs rapidly intо thе ѕkin tо improve complexion аnd create a radiant renewed glow. Assist with softening fine lines аnd wrinkles аnd scars.  AUD$49.00 for 20mL


skin care wishlist

MARIGOLD : Herbal Steam Facial by Coast Sydney Botanicals

I loved the sound of this.. MARIGOLD is simply a pretty concoction of dried herbs and flowers that can be used as a facial steam system. Facial steaming is a must do once a week to deeply cleanse and detoxify your skin. AUD$39.00 for 250mL




You will probably notice that these are all Australian small businesses.  With greenwashing so prevalent in big corporations I would rather give my hard-earned cash to companies that are open and honest with their ingredients and who will actually appreciate my business.


Are there any products in my skin care wishlist that interested you?


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skin care wishlist



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28 thoughts on “My Skin Care Wishlist – Organic & Cruelty-Free Only!

  1. I actually love this!! My skin is so sensitive so I try to use more organic type products. I saved this on my computer for future reference 🙂 Definitely have to try some of these products during the summer!

  2. Oh thanks for this list! It’s not always easy to find natural skincare if you don’t know where to look so this came in helpful! I especially like the sound of the clay mask, my current clay mask is getting low so I’ll need to find a replacement for it soon!

    Hope you are having a great week! I just published my first eBook so I’m having a pretty good week! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I would try any of these! I would really be interested in trying the deodorant paste. I’m in the market for a better deodorant.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never heard of these brands, and I only use natural skincare and makeup.

  5. I loved your list. I haven’t heard of any of these products but then again I’m in Toronto. I also cover an ethical lifestyle and promote clean beauty too! I was going to Sephora today (not sure if this shop is down under) but it has been raining non-stop all day. Nevertheless I want to find a really good anti-aging clean beauty moisturiser…

    1. I had a look at your website and I love it! A girl after my own heart! I love everything about your magazine. We have Sephora (they just opened a store 10 minutes from my place!) I am not sure Sephora has too much clean beauty that is why I stopped shopping there.. I tend to go for smaller family run businesses now.

  6. I’ve been wanting to buy a cleansing balm for a while! Definitely want to try this one! Also, I love calendula it’s very soothing- I’ll take anything with that in it! Great list!

  7. We are very much into our creams . My wife has pretty bad eczema during summer. I see Calendula Balm DEALS WITH HEELS. I should do something with my heels… guilty of laziness.

  8. I LOVED the Pure Deo Co. deodorant. They are an Australian company and I looked up their webiste it wasn’t clear if they ship to US of A. Otherwise I am going to try a homemade recipe. I will let you know if it works!

  9. Love this list! All these products sound amazing, would love to try them all. However I live in the U.K, Do you think these brands would ship to me?

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