Skin Care Empties for January to March

This is my first skin care empties post and I am a little excited.  I always love reading other blogger’s posts about their empties, now I am doing my own!

Without further ado here are my empties for January to March (it takes me ages to finish anything!!)  Also, keep in mind I bought nearly all of these products before I started my organic and cruelty free quest.  So I will list the empties and give you the organic (or as close to it as I can) and cruelty free replacements I now use or have heard rave reviews about.


skin care empties


Face Products:

Olay Regenerist Moisturiser:

This was the first product I bought when I decided that I wanted to take better care of my skin.  I was worried about wrinkles so did some Googling and found this particular moisturiser to be rated very highly.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise that Olay is not cruelty free.  And hadn’t even looked into organic skin care at that stage (which Olay is most definitely not).  BUT this is a really good moisturiser.  I noticed within a couple of weeks that fine lines were visibly reduced and pigmentation had faded slightly.  It is a great day time moisturiser that isn’t too greasy and is SPF 15.

Will I repurchase?  No.

What do I use now?  100% Pure All Natural Mint White Tea Moisturiser.  Made in California, 100% natural, Vegan, Certified Cruelty-free, by both Peta and Leaping Bunny. Packaged in post recycled plastic/glass and printed with biodegradable soy ink.


Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask: 

I have spoken about this little sample in my Masks post.  I got 4 or 5 uses out of this and it is a great mask.  Josie Maran is a cruelty free company but not organic.

Will I purchase?  No.

What is an alternative?  If you are after a detoxifying clay mask you can’t go wrong with the Happy Skincare ‘Pig in Mud’ Mineral Mask or Leahlani Kokoleka ‘Ritual Dessert’ Detox Mask.  Both are 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free.


Caudalie Moisturising Toner: 

I mentioned this toner and the following cleanser in my morning skin care routine post.  It has honestly been my one of my favourite toners to date.  But Caudalie are not cruelty free or organic.

Will I repurchase?  No.

What do I use now?  Black Chicken Remedies Hydrate My Face or Josh Rosenbrook Hydrating Accelerator.  Both toners are 100% natural with most ingredients being certified organic.  And both companies are definitely cruelty free.


Origins Anti-Aging Cleanser: 

When I started being more aware of cruelty free and organic skin care, I bought this cleanser.  I still didn’t know what ingredients to look for but with its name and packaging it LOOKED organic.  This is what it says about the brand on the Sephora website:

The moment you unveil an Origins product, you encounter nature in one of its purest forms. From the first scent to the radiant finish, the brand’s mission is to deliver creative, luxury skin care solutions powered by nature and proven by science.

Admittedly this cleanser is made without Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates, but it is NOT organic.  It’s not even cruelty free!  “You encounter nature in one of its purest forms”… I am pretty sure that Potassium Hydroxide, Peg-3 Distearate, Phytantriol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone and Phenoxyethanol are not found in nature.  This company stinks of greenwashing!

Will I repurchase?  No.

What is an alternative?  Sodashi Balancing Clay Cleanser with Lime or Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser (anything endorsed by Caroline Hirons has to be good!!)Both cleansers are 100% natural and cruelty free.


Hair Product:

Redken Color Extend Conditioner:

I bought this because my hairdresser recommended it a year or two ago.  It takes me ages to go through conditioner because I would only use it when my hair felt dry.  Which was hardly ever.  But half way through last year I bleached my hair and it dried out quicker than you could say Sahara Desert.  So I had to use conditioner every time I washed my hair.  It did the job and didn’t make my hair too greasy.  But this company tests on animals and is not organic.

Would I repurchase?  No.

What is an alternative?  Josh Rosenbrook Nourish Conditioner or 100% Pure Glossing Conditioner.  Both companies are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.


Body Products:

Lush Bubbly Shower Gel & Lord of Misrule Shower Cream:

I got these in a gift pack for Christmas from my mum who I had asked to get me Lush products.  I thought they were an organic skin care company, I was wrong.  Any product which has THAT much fragrance in it is definitely NOT organic.  I know they have a lot of good things going for them – 100% vegetarian, cruelty free and only buy from suppliers that are safe and cruelty free.

But not only are they not organic but they use some of the nastiest products out there!  Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Methylparaben – check out my toxic ingredients post about why these should not be in products that we put on our skin.

Despite all that, they are nice body washes if the above does not bother you.  I love the smell of Lord of Misrule.  Patchouli.. My favourite scent!

Would I purchase?  No.

What do I use now?  Bondi Wash Body Wash.  100% natural and cruelty free.  Directly from their website:

BONDI WASH products contain only the finest natural ingredients:

  • Australian bush oils like Tasmanian Pepper, Sydney Peppermint, Lemon Tea Tree oil – all independently tested for their anti-bacterial properties
  • Natural fragrances – all BONDI WASH scents are 100% pure essential oils sourced from quality suppliers
  • Soap bases sourced 100% from plants which are gentle and non-toxic (derived from sugar and corn, both renewable)
  • Luxurious additions to improve texture and effectiveness including sunflower seeds and aloe vera
  • Natural thickeners
  • Minimal preservatives – and only non-paraben ones


Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream:

This is a very good hand cream.  Absorbs quickly and not greasy and my hands actually felt softer after prolonged use of this product.  They are a cruelty free company but not organic.

Would I repurchase?  No.

What is an alternative?  Kora Organics Daily Hand Cream or Bondi Wash Hand Lotion. Both companies are 100% natural (Kora is certified organic), cruelty free and vegan.


The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub:

This really doesn’t do much apart from making your foot smell nice.

Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock to smooth and soften even the roughest skin

I can safely say that it does not do what it claims.  Plus this company is owned by Loreal so that means if you are a cruelty free advocate and buy The Body Shop products you hard-earned cash is going back to a company that DOES test on animals.  And it is not organic.

Would I repurchase?  No.

What is an alternative? I haven’t found anything that works better than a good old pumice!


Dettol Liquid Hand Wash:

I have always bought whatever hand wash is on special when I buy the groceries.  But that is definitely no longer the case.  This Dettol hand wash has some of the worst ingredients in it and still test on animals.

Would I repurchase?  No.

What do I use now?  Ecostore Orange & Patchouli Hand Wash.  100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free.  Their hand wash 250ml and 500ml bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.  The hand washes are made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.


Baby Products:

Ego QV Kids Wash:

My eldest son has eczema so I need to use body wash that is gentle on his skin.  And I know from my younger days with eczema Ego QV wash is gentle.  But upon reading the ingredients, I am shocked and saddened that I have used this on my children.  About all it has going for it is that it’s fragrance free and is cruelty free.  It never irritated their skin and uses vitamin A and E micro beads to gently exfoliate their skin.  But it also has a formaldehyde derivative in it so…….

Would I repurchase?  NO!

What is an alternative?  I haven’t found anything yet.

Does anyone have suggestions what I can use on my bubs?  Something that is safe to use on sensitive skin.


Sadly I have nothing that I would repurchase, but that does not mean that these would not suit another person.  I have tried to be fair with my reviews and given my honest opinion of the actual product.  If organic and/or cruelty free products are not high in your priorities then there are some great products above that you should try.  But organic and cruelty free is the way I am going.  So using up these products and moving onto products that are more in keeping with my lifestyle change is somewhat exhilarating!

What are your thoughts on my first “empties” post?




Disclosure: Some of the links above are an affiliate link.  This is a website that needs compensation to operate like any other website on the internet. I may receive a small commission if you click on any of the affiliate links.  But I am totally unbiased and do not accept paid reviews or fake reviews claiming to be something they are not.

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13 thoughts on “Skin Care Empties for January to March

    1. Bondi Wash is a great brand! I have a particular affection for them as they are an Aussie brand and use lots of essential oils that smell like the Australian bush. Smells like home!

  1. I absolutely loved this! I am moving everything in my life over to limit the mark I leave on our planet. But, it is taking time as I hate to waste anything so am replacing as I have an empty container.

    I look for animal free, Organic, giving back to the community and Nature, and then use me essential oils to make my own cleaning products. Then making sure what amount of waste is at the end.

    I love that you have the alternatives listed as this will help others find products too!

    1. I hate to waste things too! I made the change to organic and cruelty free products at the start of this year but I don’t feel like I have accomplished much as I am still working my way through what I already had. But I am getting there slowly and it feels good regardless! I am going to start making my own cleaning products as well.

  2. So glad I found your site! I’ve been looking for more products that are organic and cruelty free with simpler ingredients. It’s so frustrating to see so many brands make these false claims, and the FDA does nothing to stop them from lying about it. I used to work for Origin’s, and am sooooooo glad I don’t represent that company anymore. Thanks for all of the info!

    1. I hope I didn’t offend with my comments about origin! I get a little fired up about brands who blatently greenwash. It makes me feel silly for being duped!

    1. Yes, that’s the only way to tell if it’s organic or not. Ignore what it says on the front. They can say whatever they want on the front, but they can’t lie about the ingredients!

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