My March Good Green Box Unboxing

Here is the March Good Green Box – They did not disappoint!

I got my first ever Good Green Box a few months ago (see the review here) and was suitable impressed with the quality and quantity of products you got for the money you paid.  So I decided to sign up and get a few more.  I love subscription boxes!  Without further ado this is what is inside the March Good Green Box!

march good green box


What’s inside:

MIOD Balance Face Oil – A soothing and lightly moisturing organic natural face oil with a light and easily absorbed texture.  It has macadamia oil, jojoba oil (great for oily skin types), geranium essential oil and palmarosa essential oil.  All certified organic.  It’s suitable for all skin types but oily and congested complexions will find it beneficial due to the balancing and cleansing action of the ingredients.  I have combination/oily skin so this face oil will be perfect for me.

Bondi Wash Body Wash (Tasmanian Lavender and Pepper) – The natural ingredients and added moisturisers will leave your skin soft, nourished.   The distinctive Australian scents will leave you feeling fresh while removing germs and bacteria naturally.  It has Australian bush oils such as Tasmanian pepper, lavender, bergamot and cedarwood.  I have heard good things about Bondi Wash and I am excited to try this body wash.

Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Wipes – Are 100% pure, organically sources magnesium chloride is formulated into an easy to use oil and can give instant results.  Use for pain relief, sleep assistance and general body health.  I used this immediately on my lower back, I have had extreme lower back pain since my first pregnancy, and found no improvement.  It says to apply behind the knees, lower back or on sore muscles.  My pain would be skeletal, but I was hoping this magnesium wipe would help, but alas did not.

Has anyone had success using magnesium wipes for pain or sleep assistance?

Sarah Jean False Lashes and Eyelash Adhesive – These Sarah Jean lashes are synthetic and vegan friendly.  They are lightweight yet luscious creating a beautiful look that enhance your eyes.  The clear adhesive is a world first mascara application style adhesive.  It is anti-allergenic, water soluble and latex free.  I love the look of the lashes, just enough flare without being too cray-cray.  I am sceptical of the adhesive though, I have grave doubts as to whether it will hold the lashes on for more than an hour.  Now I just need an excuse to wear falsies so that I can test out the adhesive!

Earth Mama Pit Paste Natural Deodorant – A creamy deodorant made with nourishing goodness of organic, natural and simple ingredients.  It’s a worry-free, stain free, aluminium/preservative/paraben/other nasty chemical free, vegan friendly deodorant.  Hand-made from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia.  Included is a 10% off code for their website.  Being that I am newly converted natural deodorant user (see here) I will be checking out their website.

Wotnot Sensitive Wipes – The formula of these wipes are enriched with all natural ingredients to restore lost moisture, calm itch and inflammation and encourage skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing.  It has certified organic aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oils and is free from harsh drying chemicals.  These will be great for a mind-day skin pick-me-up!


You can get all the full-size products directly from the Good Green Box website.


Overall, I am very happy with the March Good Green Box in particular the MIOD balance face oil and the Bondi Wash body wash.

What did you think of the March Good Green Box?


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7 thoughts on “My March Good Green Box Unboxing

  1. I love subscription boxes too – Its like Christmas every month. Love the sound of the magnesium wipes in this one. I take magnesium orally as a drink but would love to find another way to get my daily dose – will look into these!

    1. Yeah i get the feeling I’m magnesium deficient, so have been having supplements. Let me know if the wipes work for you if you get them!

  2. Wow!! March Good Green Box is really a great concept if you are investing money over the products this is the best option. I’ll definitely follow it up and will suggest also.

  3. I have never head of this but the products look both fantastic and very useful. I will have to check this out!

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