Gratitude Challenge – Day 30 And Beyond

I made it!  Day 30 of the Gratitude Challenge.  It has truly opened my eyes to the benefits of being more grateful of even the smallest aspects in your life.  I am now trying to practise mindfulness every day so that I can live in the now and not miss out on things to be grateful for.

So without further ado…

Day 30 – What Talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?

They left the best (hardest) for last.  Because I have always felt like I don’t really have any talent or skill.  But after this last month of looking inwards I have realised that I do not need to be a specialist in Scandinavian word work.  Or know the ins and outs of 18th century Mueller Mosaics.  I am me and though they are nothing special, I have skills and talents to be grateful for.

So here is my list of “skills” and “talents”..

  1. I can be so obnoxiously loud and irritating at 6am that it could be considered legendary.
  2. Can rile my husband up quicker than anyone I know.
  3. My potty mouth would make a pirate blush.
  4. Could drink 10 coffee’s and still go to bed and have a full night’s sleep.  That is my super power.
  5. Clean Queen Extreme.  I hate mess and have been known to put things away and for them to never be seen again.  I actually make mess DISAPPEAR!
  6. Can eat food quicker than you can say “supercalafragalisoh you get the point”.
  7. I guess I can make soy candles.  Not soap though, almost burnt down the house trying to make soap.
  8. Have become quite skilled at changing a baby’s nappy on a baby who doesn’t want his nappy changed.
  9. I can be in an indoor playground filled with screaming children but still know which one of those screams is from my child.  #mummyskills
  10. I make a mean cheese toastie.

So tell me what are your “special” talents and skills??


30 Day Gratitude Challenge done!  Go back to the beginning here if you missed a day or two..

But I won’t stop it there.  I think it is essential that we all think about everything in our lives to be grateful for.  Everyday, just 5 minutes out of your day.  You can be standing washing the dishes, thinking about all the wonderful things in your life.  It is so grounding and can lift your spirits if you are down.


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18 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – Day 30 And Beyond

  1. I share lots of your talents, specially the sleeping one. 🙂 Love a humorous post. Today, I’m particularly grateful it was my hubby giving cpr to the guy in the road and not the other way round….

  2. I’m able to sleep through most anything, yet still wake myself up before the alarm goes off. Can be a blessing when you forget to set the clock!

  3. I love your skills, they make me happy. Especially being obnoxiously loud, I feel that that is a real talent. My special skill is that I can cook while having a toddler holding on to me.

    1. I failed at the toddler holding me while cooking. My one year old decided to touch the glass oven door 5 minutes after I turned it off.. Rather horrifying experience. He ended up needing to go to hospital.. *Shudder*

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it in #OffFridays…really. I definitely agree that 4 is a super power,but I think 8 may be a SUPER-super power. Gratitude and mindfulness are SO important for health and happiness. The thing I have always considered my talent is writing, but I think sometimes I need to take it easy a bit because I just freaked out a bit over a piece of writing and when you start to freak out over things that’s usually a sign to change something. I need to figure out what. But something. Maybe I’ll try this challenge too and gain some insight.

    1. What is it with babies not wanting their nappy changed. And he kicks himself in the bum and gets poop all over his feet if I don’t clean it off quick enough. I have really enjoyed ready your posts and I think you are a great writer. 🙂

  5. I love your super powers. I wish I could drink coffee all day. I love it but if I have it after 2 I can’t sleep. Ugh!! My super power would have to be getting my kids to leave the park. I have it down to a Science! 🙂

  6. This was a great post, and in general a great challenge to undertake. We forget sometimes how important it is to just be grateful for what we DO have in our lives – challenged like this are strong reminders.

    1. I really benefited from this challenge as it was early in my mindfulness journey and it has now become second nature to be mindful of all things in my life to be grateful for!

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