Gratitude Challenge – Day 12

What texture are you grateful for?

My skin!  Since I have really started looking after my skin, I don’t have any texture, it’s smooth and clear.  This makes me grateful cause I have spent a LOT of money on skincare products to get it like this!!

Check out my Morning routine and Evening Routine.  I even have a bunch of masks I break out 2 or 3 times a week, check them out here.  I will do my body skin care post very soon.

I regret not doing research into what I was putting on my skin before I bought all these expensive skin care items.  Now that I know all the horrible ingredients some companies use I will be more careful in what I purchase in the future.  And I am extemely confident that organic and cruelty free products will do as good a job as the products with all the nasty ingredients.  Plus they have the added bonus of not putting toxins into my body!

face mask

What texture are you grateful for?  And what organic skin care products do you love?

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18 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – Day 12

    1. Check out the blog Tina is from the Philippines and blogs about all natural, non toxic skincare products. Read her page about ingredients to avoid. Buy certified organic. Avoid “greenwashers” like the body shop and lush. They make you believe they are organic by their advertising. But check the ingredients in their products and they are sadly not. Good luck!

  1. I’m not really sure what you mean by texture but if you’re talking about skin then I am grateful for not having any noticeable problems with my skin. I live in the humid south of SC and also near the ocean so I get a mixture of salty and humid air and I think that has helped. When I lived in Chicago, my skin was always dry and felt tight. So, I’m also grateful for southern living.

  2. I’m pretty thankful for my skin too, now I think about it. I have what the people around me tend to refer to as “good skin” – I don’t get an awful lot of breakouts, don’t have many lines or wrinkles just yet, and generally have an even color tone. But if I had to pick a favorite texture (body-wise, in keeping with the skin idea), I’d choose my hair on the day after it’s been washed. So perfectly soft, I don’t even have to brush it, I just run my fingers through!

  3. I need to try face masks. My skin could use the help. I’m all about cruelty-free products but I really don’t need them to be organic.

  4. Like another commenter said, I look for cruelty-free more so than organic. But there is nothing like the feeling after rinsing or taking off a face mask!


  5. I wish I had spent the time caring for my skin in my twenties and early thirties then I wouldn’t have had such an issue in my late thirties and on. I am of the same mindset as you that I truly like the more natural and organic beauty care products than “run of the mill” ones. Love the sheet masks too ~ collagen and aloe soooooooo soothing and hydrating! I do it in the evenings after my kids go to bed LOL

  6. That’s great that you make sure cruelty free stuff is use don’t in the products you use. And you should definitely take care of your skin. That’s great.

  7. I’m grateful for smooth clear skin, but I reckon that’s because I don’t put any rubbish on it at all. I wash my face with water and a flannel, and that’s it!

  8. I love your gratitude challenge, and I am grateful for my skin, too. My mom is Dominican, so my skin is really soft and shiny (a good shiny). It’s important to love your body, so good job!

  9. I have good skin, really grateful for it……jus gets dry during the winters. I use vitamin E moisturizers from Body Shop. Do love Clinique products too

  10. Skin is the protection that we often take for granted. There are so many skin issues that you may have.. We should all treat our skin with care and appreciate it more!

  11. My favourite texture is probably my hair but I’m quite happy with my skin too. Good to be thankful for something everyday!

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