Gratitude Challenge – Day 6

What in nature are you grateful for?


Living on the east coast of Australia, a lot of time is spent at the beach.  So we were back at the beach again today.  This time at the lovely Bulcock Beach, an hours drive north of our place.  This beach is a nice calm beach that is perfect for the little ones.  There is no surf, clear blue water and perfect (annoying) white sand.  That’s the only thing I hate about the beach, the sand.  It gets EVERYWHERE.

I have to say that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world (I could be a bit biased..)  It makes me very grateful to live in such a beautiful country.  With the political unrest and unnecessary wars going on in other places of the world I am so glad that I can raise my children in a relatively peaceful country with so many places of natural beauty.


Where is your favourite beach?

To see what’s coming up on Day 7 and beyond, check out this post which has a link to the list.

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  • I live in the UK so being an island we have a few beaches (not all pretty with soft sand many are pebble beaches). As a family we have a firm favourite though its called St Bees. It’s a sandy beach, with a large pebble section, has lots of rock pools full of tiny creatures including crabs. If you go at the wrong time though the entire area is inaccessible by the tide which comes in quite quickly.

    • I just looked up St Bees on Google maps because I hadn’t heard of it before. That looks like a nice part of the UK. I have been to London, Bath and seen a bit of the Cotswolds. I want to come see your part of the country one day!