Gratitude Challenge – Day 2

What Technology am I grateful for?

Thinking only of the present I am truly grateful for my mobile phone today.

technology am i grateful for

Generally I would hate to be so vapid and shallow, but my husband is in Melbourne (which means I don’t get to spend Valentines with my Valentine) so it’s the only way I can communicate with him today.  We have been sending each other cheesy lovey-dovey text messages all morning.  And I will get to talk to him tonight which I will be looking forward to all day.

Afternoons are always hard when you have kids.  The boys and myself are getting tired and grumpy, I have to organise dinner for the three of us, do the dishes, clean up the house, do baths, get them to brush their teeth, give the baby a bottle and then put them both to bed.  It’s a tiring process that I have come to dread every day as my toddler is a fussy eater and extremely strong-willed.  He will go out of his way to make my life difficult if he is over tired.

With my husband away it makes my afternoons even more stressful but I just do what I have to do and then sit on the couch in a stupor when it’s all over and done.  So having a phone call from my husband to look forward to makes it all a bit more bearable.

Happy Valentine’s Lovers.

tehnology am i grateful for

To see what’s coming up on Day 3 and beyond, check out my post from yesterday which has a link to the list.

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