A Bit of Light Reading

bit of light reading

I have had a couple of books sitting in my bookshelf for years.  Always thinking about reading them but never getting around to it.

The first I bought, The Essential Dalai Lama, when I first thought about becoming Buddhist many, many years ago. It seems like a great read but it was a bit too intense for my immature mind at the time.

The second book is Happiness by Thich Nhat Hanh.  I bought it when I was at a low time in my life and needed a little bit of inspiration.  Once again I never got around to reading it.

So these are the first two books I plan to read to help me reach my goal of becoming buddhist.

When I first started with the idea of becoming Buddhist I had no clue that there were many forms of Buddhism.  Zen, Tibetan, Ch’an, Tantric and Theravada to name a few.  There is still so much to learn and research before I settle on a form of Buddhism.  I may even take little bits from all the different branches.  What do other people practise?  And why?

bit of light reading
Two more books I have on the way from Book Depository

The temples and meditation centres I have access to here in Brisbane will also affect what form I practise in the future.  Down the track I would really like to meditate and attending teachings at a centre because there is only so much you can learn from a book!  This is something I believe you need to see and experience in person and be able to ask questions.

If anyone has some book suggestions or any advice at all regarding Buddhism please let me know!

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