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good green box

For my first post I thought I would start with something that is helping me achieve my organic and cruelty free lifestyle.

It’s the Good Green Box monthly subscription box.  It popped up as an advertisement in my Instagram feed so being new to the organic movement I thought it sounded like a good place to start.

Directly from their website:

A subscription box full of beauty, skin, hair and nail care samples to help you discover products that are better for you. Every month the products are carefully chosen to ensure they are either natural, organic, vegan or cruelty-free.

We believe that if you can find a better for you product that works, why wouldn’t you do your body a favour and swap ? It’s our mission to build awareness of the amazing natural products in the market and help people choose a better option.

Monthly boxes available from $25 per month. On sale now.

I got an email telling me that my box had been sent on the 15th of January and I received 3 days later in the mailbox.

good green box

The January box contained:

  • A card from Good Green Box introducing themselves and offering a 20% discount code to spend on anything in their shop.
  • A card explaining whats in the box and ingredients for each product.  They also list how much you can buy the full size product for on their website.  The January box was valued at over $50 worth of products.
  • A card advertising one of the products, a gradual tanning bronzer, and the chance to win one of their packs through a instagram promotion.

Now for the good stuff…

  • Pure Deo Co. Natural Deodorant
  • 2 x Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Removers
  • Karen Murrell Lipstick
  • 2 x tester sachets of The Devine Company Certified Organic Gradual Tan Natural Bronzer
  • Be Genki Body Oil
  • Baimeni Sweet Australian Almond Oil Cleanser

All are sample size products with the exception of the deodorant which appears to be full size.  Its a nice range of products that help novices like me work out what they like without having to buy the full item.

As mentioned above its $25 on a month-by-month basis, which I got just to see if it was going to be something I would get use out of.  You can also purchase a 3 month or 6 month pre-paid plans which gives you a little discount on the per month cost.  All three options are auto-renewing, but they do send you can email before they renew to confirm that you still wish to proceed and you do have the option of canceling at anytime.

Another advantage is that you can buy all the full size products that you receive in your box directly from their website.

Would I buy again?  Yes! I will probably purchase one of the pre-paid plans to save a bit of $$. I think its worth the $25 I paid for it and did find a couple of little gems that I will be looking into and possibly purchasing the full versions at a later date.  It is also an Australian company, which is fabulous for us Aussie girls as it means we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for postage or wait AGES for it to arrive.

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